Friday, June 14, 2019

Thank you

Our final week has arrived.
I would like to take an opportunity to express my thanks for a community I deeply value and appreciate.
Being a part of this community is one of my great joys.
Thanks to Conscious Discipline, this year we have begun to describe our class community as a school family.
This family lives in a house built on strong foundations.
Rabbi and Tzivie are the foundation. They are our guides.
Their grace, perspective and focused vision of the potential for our community and school family keep us directed and centered.
I am grateful every day to know them.
I tried to think of the most genuine way to describe how I personally hold The Greenberg’s in my heart, the truth is they are simply multi-faceted mentors for me, and I am extremely grateful to know them.
The walls that protect this amazing school family are Jillian and Eden.
It is a privilege to teach with two teachers who want to continually grow and seek to excel for the benefit of your children.
They brighten my day, bringing laughter and love.
Jillian, Eden my gratitude for you is “as big as the ocean.”
Parents you are the walls as well. Thank you helping us fill this house, home, and for trusting us with your children.
We value and appreciate your trust and do not take it for granted.
Thank you for your cooperation and collaboration.
There is no roof on this house.
We have seen what these children are capable of.
We see their potential. They are unstoppable. Why put a ceiling above them?
Thank you friends for rising to the expectations I set for you, allowing me to raise those expectations and stretch your growth.
Thank you for seeing the best in each other and choosing to help your friends make the tough, right choices.
You have my deepest gratitude.

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Torah and Mt.Sinai

Morah Tzivie reading a story about Shavuot.
Morah Katie: We are getting closer to our holiday.  What holiday have we been counting up to?
Lochlan: Getting the Torah!
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem give us the Torah?
Makayah: Because He loves us.
Morah Katie: What is in the Torah?
Evan: It's full of mitzvahs.
Morah Katie: What are some mitzvahs you can do?
Shoshi: Listening to family.
Eli: Listening to mom and dad.
Moshe: Helping.
Ozzie: Playing kindly without hitting.
Lochlan: Doing all the chores your mom and dad would do if it was just you at home.
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem give us the Torah on Mt. Sinai?
Lochlan: He didn't brag.
Annabel: He was not being mean.
Morah Katie: What was Mt. Sinai doing?
Eli: He was being nice.
Evan: He did not fight.
Makayah: He talked nicely.
Moshe: He was humble and kind.
Emily: He trusted Hashem.
Eli made Mt.Sinai.
Friends are creating Mt. Sinai in the sandbox.
"He isn't bragging, he is just being nice."
Morah Katie: Hashem chose to give us the Torah on a mountain so we would remember to be strong to make good choices, and proud of those choices.  What are good choices you can be proud of?
Makayah: Being kind and speaking with kind words.
Lochlan: Inviting a friend to play and checking if a friend is sad. Asking if they want to play or are ok.
Makayah: Thinking of how your friends feel.
Evan: Helping someone who is sad feel better.
Annabel: Thinking,  playing with friends.
Emily: Hugging a friend who is sad.
Lochlan: Encouraging a friend.

Levi is helping the morahs harvest the mitzvah fruit for the
children's Torahs.
We appreciated his thoughtfulness.