Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grateful for sweet things

Morah Katie: 3 days until Rosh Hashanah! 
Abigail: It is the New Year.
Sroli: We do sweet things.
Morah Katie: As we think of the sweet things we can do, we can think of the sweet things Hashem has given us. I am thankful Hashem lead me to The Gan and I am so thankful for all of you sweet children.
Tell me something sweet in your life that makes you thankful to Hashem.
Abigail: My mom and dad.
Sroli: Giving me to my family.
Amelia: Having my cousin Clara.
Clara: Getting to play tag with Murray Cat.
Ari: My brother Matan and his birthday.
Anton: When I went to the pool and I saw Amelia.
Natan: When my friends play with me.
Evan: My Dad.
Isaac: My house.
Morah Katie: We have so many sweet blessings.
Morah Katie: Hashem has blessed us with a beautiful world. On very clear days when I have the chance to see the 4 mountains in our area, I feel so grateful. Let's take a nature walk and see what beautiful things Hashem has for us.
Morah Katie: It is a pretty gray day. Why does Hashem send rain clouds?
Natan: To water the plants!
Morah Katie: Should we be sad about the gray clouds then?
Kids: No!
Morah Katie: What do you see?
Evan: Flowers!
Natan: Trees!
Sroli: Plants!
Abigail: Birds!
Morah Katie: How do we feel when we see all the beauty in our see world?
Evan: Good. 
Abigail: Happy.
Morah Katie: When we are feeling happy, what do we feel like doing?
Sroli: Sweet kind things!
There was discussion about the fact that sometimes we may not feel like being sweet and kind.
When we choose to do something sweet and kind anyway, we end up feeling much happier.
Natan and Sroli were happily playing together.
Natan began to keep all the cubes.
Sroli: Natan you are mean.
Morah Katie: Sroli, have you tried telling Natan how you are feeling and why? 
Sroli: Natan, I'm feeling sad when you take a lot and don't share.
Morah Katie: Natan, is there a reason why you are feeling like not sharing?
(Silence)  Sroli, What can you do to help yourself and Natan feel better?
Sroli: I can share the cubes.
Morah Katie: I see you found your smile. How?
Sroli: I did a mitzvah, I shared with Natan.

We made sweet honey cake to prepare us for Rosh Hashanah.
Sroli: We are making HONEY CUPCAKES!
Isaac: This is not chocolate, it's coffee!
Abigail: And there is honey! The vanilla smells sweet like cookies.
Morah Katie: Why do you think we are making honey cake?
Natan: To remind us of sweet things to do.
Olivia: It tastes like honey!
On Wednesday we enjoyed apples dipped in honey and pomegranate seeds.
Sroli: There are SO MANY seeds to do SO many sweet things.
Morah Katie: Amelia how many pomegranate seeds do you think you have?
Amelia: I don't know.
Sroli: A BUNCH, so many.
Judah: I think maybe 200.
Sroli: That's a lot of sweet things.

So many sweet kinds things happened in the past few weeks, our pomegranate became filled with sweet seeds!
Anton: I can help you write your name Evan.
Clara: Here Amelia we can share.
Amelia: Thanks Clara.
Taking turns while playing ball.

Abigail: Amelia will you read your book to me?
Amelia: I can read the book to you.
L'Shana Tova

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Apples dipped in honey, we do eat!"

"The shofar in shul goes toot toot toot
toot toot toot.
The shofar in the shul goes toot toot toot
on Rosh Hashanah."
Morah Tzivie: A very interesting and special holiday is coming soon.
What are some special and interesting things we do on holidays/
Isaac: We light candles.
Abigail: We dress in fancy clothes.
Ari: I had my birthday and daddy set the table.
Morah Tzivie: This holiday is like a birthday. Ari's birthdays was the first day Ari's new year, now he is 4.  This holiday is the beginning for all of us, it is our new year.
Sroli: Rosh Hashanah!
Morah Tzivie: Many special things happen on this special holiday. I have something very interesting in this bag, I want you to feel it and tell me what you think it may be.
Anton: It feels like a bone.
Natan: It's hard.
Sroli: It's a shofar!
Morah Tzivie: On Rosh Hashanan the Rabbi will blow the shofar to remind us that it is the new year.
When we hear it, we think; Oh it's the new year! This year I am going to do lots of sweet kind things!
Morah Tzivie: Another fun and interesting thing we do for Rosh Hashanah is dipping apples in honey.
It reminds us to make the new year sweet for everyone.
How can you help your friends have a sweet new year?
Abigail: We can use nice hands.
Anton: You can give them hugs.
Natan: You can play with them.
Isaac: You can pick a seashell and share it with your friend.
Morah Tzivie: We dip the apples in the honey to remind us to make the new year sweet.
Morah Tzivie: Rosh Hashanah is getting closer. Tell me what are some special things we have and do for this special day?
Abigail: Shofar!
Sroli: Apples dipped in honey to do sweet things.
Morah Tzivie: What do we say on Rosh Hashanah?
Morah Tzivie: There is something else we have at Rosh Hashanah. What is this? 

Ari: Apple.
Morah Tzivie: It is red like an apple.
Abigail: Pomegranate!
Morah Tzivie: What do you think is inside this pomegranate? What will we see when we open it?
Morah Tzivie: How many seeds do you think are in this half of the pomegranate?
Abigail: 20
Sroli: 100
Judah: Maybe 900
Morah Tzivie: Let's count how many seeds on in this tiny section. 1, 2, 3(all the way to)..45!
These seeds and this pomegranate make me think "I hope SO MANY sweet things happen this year! I can do SO MANY sweet things this year for my family and friends!
What are some of those sweet things we can do?
Abigail: Help 
Isaac: Share the toys I play with others.
Anton: If they need a hug you can hug some one.
Judah: We can give shoes to people who need shoes.
Amelia: I can help my mom.

Sroli: We have a Rosh Hashanah table.
Playing catch
Teeter tottering
Reading to a friend
Team work is fun and helpful!
To inspire sweet kind choices we have many apple activities.
"Rosh Hashanah is the new year
Rosh Hashanah is almost here!
Apples dipped in honey we do eat.
We ask Hashem to give us a new year so sweet."
Morah Katie: Today is a new day. The New Year is coming, what sweet kind thing will you do today?
Sroli: I will help someone get water.
Anton: I will share the ball.
Isaac: I will invite a friend to play with me.