Friday, May 25, 2018

Turning over the camera to the Kids

This weeks project was to document an achievement the children feel they have accomplished this year, and express why it gives them a sense of pride.
I took a picture, and they took a picture.
I have had the privilege of watching them grow all year, by turning the camera over to them I wanted them to take ownership of their accomplishments.

Lakshmi demonstrated singing the Aleph-bet song while stepping on each letter as she sang.
Lakshmi: Because now I know how to do it correctly.

Colette enjoyed the bead bars. 
Colette: Learning how to do math fills my brain with so much fun.

Rowen chose home living as her favorite place to be in the classroom.
Rowen: I love the clipboard. And I get to choose to play here.

Maya wanted to share a sight word book she has been reading.
Maya: I picked this because I am reading on my own.

Ozzie was excited about the color word book.
Ozzie: I love it. It makes me happy.

Lochlan wanted to demonstrate his letter writing.
Lochlan: It makes me feel good.

Evan said his favorite activity was the dry erase boards.
Evan: I just like to color on it, it makes me happy.
Moshe enjoyed sharing the car counting activity.

Emily wanted to share how she writes her name.
 Emily: I can write my name now. I feel happy.

Carson has been wanting to accomplish the African safari puzzle for quite a while.
Carson: It has my favorite animals and I learned you have to look at the pieces and the whole puzzle. It's easier to do with friends.

Jade chose a color by number activity.
Jade: It feels good when I do this because I can, and I color good. I feel happy.

Eli enjoys the geo pattern cards.

Aura decided to demonstrate how she can be kind.

Maia felt good about her improved cutting skills.
Maia: I am proud of myself and it can help me make something beautiful.

Miles was excited about color by number activities.
Miles: I knew to match the letters on the words, and I know the numbers to color.  It makes me feel good.

Zoey enjoys watercolor painting.

To complete this week, I encouraged the children to look carefully at all the activity during class time, and to listen to the conversations. 
I asked the children to take the iPad and take pictures of what they found interesting.
Following is what the children documented.