Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy and Me at The Gan
May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morah Katie: How are mountains formed?
Levi: Volcanoes are mountains.
Daniel: Hot lava comes from volcanoes.
Morah Katie: Volcanoes and their eruptions of hot lava are one way mountains are formed.
Another way mountains form is when pieces of the earth move and hit each other, they force bits of land up.
(each child was given some salt dough)
Morah Katie: Let's roll our dough out flat, now lets push on the ends towards the middle.
Tell me what you see happening.
Levi: It's being pushed up.
Tori: It looks like a mountain.

Morah Katie: We can use our dough to make lots of different types of mountains. What types of mountains should we make?
Levi: Tall ones.
Morah Katie: What might we see on the top of tall mountains?
Tori: Snow
Morah Katie:What other type of mountains can we make.
Daniel: Volcano, you need to be careful on volcano, lava is hot.
Morah Katie: Do mountains just appear? Tomorrow when we come to school will there be a mountain in our parking lot?
Noah: NO!
Levi: It takes a really long time to make a mountain, but if we did have one in our parking lot we could drive around it.
Morah Katie: True on both statements.

Morah Tzivie read to us about why Hashem chose to give the Jewish people the Torah on a mountain: To remember to be strong like a mountain and proud of who you are.

We took our salt dough mountains and transformed them into Mt. Sinai's.

Morah Katie: Please close your eyes, I am going to say something, and I'd like you to tell me if I sound like Mt. Sinai or one of the boastful bragging mountains? Ready?
Children: YES! (all close their eyes)
Morah Katie: (in a bragging voice) I am SUCH a good climber!!!! I climb the BEST!!!!
Did I sound like how Mt. Sinai?
Children: NO!!!
Levi: You sounded like bragging
Morah Katie: I'll try again, please close your eyes, I really like to climb, would you like to climb with me? How was that?
Daniel: Better, nicer.
Morah Katie: I have another, please close your eyes and get ready to listen to my words.
I am such a FAST runner, I can run SO FAST NO one can keep up with ME!!
Tori: Not Mt. Sinai!
Dena: That wasn't very nice.
Morah Katie: Shall I try again?
Children: YES!
Morah Katie: I like to run fast, does anyone want to run with me?
Kian: That was nicer.
Morah Katie: I want to encourage all of us to think of how Mt. Sinai would talk with his friends. Let's be sure we sound like Mt. Sinai.
Children: OK!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mommy and Me!