Friday, October 28, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sukkot Fun

It was a short and joyous week.
Morah Tzivie: Did you see what was being built in the playground? It's not a house, it's not a boat, it's not an airplane
Nora: It's a sukkah!
Morah Tzivie: It is a sukkah! The holiday is Sukkot and the structure is a sukkah. It doesn't have a ceiling, and it doesn't have a floor.  And it is a special mitzvah to eat in the sukkah.  Do you think it would be a good day to eat in the sukkah?
Kids: Yeah!
Rabbi Greenberg joined us for lunch. 
We said the special blessing for eating in the sukkah and he shared the etrog and lulav with us.
We learned it is made of the citron fruit and branches from the willow, myrtle and palm trees.
We said the blessing and then the children had a chance to shake the etrog and lulav.
We built some sukkah's for our doll house family.
Nora: I'm building a castle sukkah, 
it even has a roller coaster in it for the mom and girl when they are done eating.
Sadie: The family is in it. They have a table.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lemon volcanos

It is stated on our website that we view the child as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care, since the seed's every experience will shape and color the quality of its matured self.
We are helping these children bloom into emotionally capable children.
During the day as young voices become cranky, the classroom might hear a general reminder that in our peaceful classroom we use kind words.
We use books to explore feelings. 
We look at the illustrations and ask the children how they think the 
characters are feeling. Are they sad? If so why? Why do they look angry? What do they think the character will do? What should they do?
And if a young friend comes to us and tells us they are feeling sad, mad or frustrated, we do our best to explore with them why and what choices they have.
With practice our friends are becoming quite skilled at using their words to solve their problems.
Sadie: Jade please don't put your plate on my back.
Jade: I'm sorry, I didn't have enough space. I'll step back.
Sadie: Thank you Jade.
Nora: I'm going to use all the blocks.
Olivia: Why don't we share the blocks so that way we can all use them. 
Kids: That's a good idea/Yeah!
Sometimes though, despite all our efforts, things may not go the way we want.
Lochlan: I am feeling sour.* Sadie is singing. I don't like it.
Sadie: I like to sing, I feel sour Lochlan doesn't like me singing.
Morah Katie: I can tell by looking at both of you that you both feel sour. Lochlan, we are on the playground where we can be loud.
Lochlan: Well I want to play with her.
Sadie: WELL I want to sing.
Lochlan: I DON'T want you too.
Morah Katie: I hear both of you, I think it is fair to let Sadie sing. Lochlan you can't make her stop singing, you may choose to play with a different friend while she sings, or you could sing with her.  
Lochlan chose to walk away, he was still feeling sour.
Sour goes back to our honey vs lemon taste test.
It sensorially helped my friends identity good feelings vs upset feelings.
Walking away can be a good solution for certain sour situations. 
Breathing can be another.
Miles was feeling upset, Sadie saw.
Sadie: Miles you are feeling sour? You are feeling bad? You should breathe a big breath like this (took a big breath) now blow. Ok you better? You should be better. You are better. He is better now Morah Katie. 
Morah Katie: Thank you for helping him.
But sometimes even breathing doesn't help, and our feelings can get the best of us causing us to feel like a
We will get angry. It is what we do when we are feeling angry that is important.
We can stomp our feet. We can say I'M ANGRY. We can use our face to express our feelings. We can ask a teacher (or mom and dad) for help talking to  a friend.
BUT if we explode like a sour lemon volcano and make a poor choice, what do we do next?
While waiting for snack, Lochlan was pushing the table around and Nora had repeatedly asked him to stop. After many "Stop"s Nora reached out and grabbed Lochlan's hand.
Lochlan yelled, he did not like this.
Nora: I'm sorry I grabbed you when you wouldn't stop moving the table. 
I kept asking you, you didn't stop. I got mad. What can I do to make you feel better?
Lochlan: Just say you're sorry.
Nora: I'm sorry. Next time can you listen to me?
Lochlan: Yes I can listen.
When we can identify sour feelings, and we know what to do when we feel them, we can get back to making sweet choices.
Jade helped Sadie sort paintings by different artists.
 Lakshmi helped Emily take her nap sheet off her cot.
Lochlan offered Miles a hug if he was still feeling sad.
Olivia helped Maya put her apron on.
 Maia shared Mr. Potato Head with friends.