Friday, February 24, 2017

Morah Katie: If you were on Safari and you saw a lion, how far away would you want to set up your camp, 1 mile or 5 miles?
Olivia: 5 miles.
Morah Katie: I would too, we can hear a lion's roar from 5 miles away.  If a lion was at the mall and it roared, we would hear it here at The Gan. If it was at Dizzy Castle, it would be very loud, and we would know we really need to keep our eyes open.  But if it is a sunny, hot day, what can we expect a lion to do?
Maya: Sleep in the sun.  
Lochlan: But they also run really fast after their prey.
Morah Katie: Yes, when trying to get food they will run fast, but for most of the day, they SLEEP! Lions can be quite lazy, just sleeping in the sun. 
Clearly, we are not like lazy lions at The Gan, we are quite busy.
We are learning that lions live in large groups called prides, and the pride is like a team.
Lochlan: The mom and sister lions go to find the food.
We are like a pride of lions at The Gan, we are a team.
We work better when we are looking out for everyone.
Morah Katie: How can we be like a pride of lions, working like a team?
Olivia: We can clean up the toys together.
Jade: We can help others.
Sadie: I can play with my friends.
Lochlan: Sharing is nice.
We had 8 children at school the day I asked: What do you think is the most interesting thing about a lion?
Two answered: That it runs fast after its prey.
Six  answered: That they sleep all day in the sun. 
This could be a biased answer because this was the new fact they learned that day. 
Regardless of the reason it stuck with them.
I now have a new way to describe being patient and waiting, "try to be like a lazy, sleeping lion in the sun while you wait."  
We'll see if it is a successful image to focus their attention.  
Additionally, I asked them to use their feet like a lazy lion walking to a sunny spot when they walk in classroom. 
That was not the only focus on feet this week.    
There was no doubt they enjoyed a little tickle time as they made their footprint lion.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Only happy hippos at The Gan

Morah Tzivie: Did you notice the tree in our classroom?
Kids: Yes!
Morah Tzivie: Trees are good for all kinds of things. They give us shade and air. The best kind of tree is a fruit tree. It gives us sweet things to eat.  You are like trees. You grow and you create sweet things when you do mitzvahs. What are some mitzvahs you do?
Mason: Being nice.
Lasksmi: Giving hugs.
Sadie: Playing with people.
Matan: Something I like to do is give people love.
Morah Tzivie: These are all really good things that kids can do.

Sharing and playing together
Using Helping Hands.
Sharing Tzedakah
Our collecting tin is getting so heavy, 
Miles had to set it on the mat as he went about our daily collection.
Saying a Blessing

We are learning that despite how cute hippopotami are depicted in crafts, they are in fact very aggressive.  
We pretended to be a herd of hippos wallowing in muddy water to stay cool and protected from the hot sun.  BUT since we are GAN hippos, we are happy hippos- not angry, angry hippos.
Morah Katie: Why do we think hippos are so angry?
Jade: Because of the water.
Morah Katie: What about the water?
Lochlan: They spend all day in the water. Sometimes there isn't enough if it doesn't rain.
Morah Katie: Hippos do need water to stay cool. But if an angry hippo came to The Gan, what would you say to it? 
Olivia: It doesn't need to be so angry, sharing is a good thing. There is probably enough water, or it may rain soon.
Mason: Yeah, maybe there will be enough water for everyone.
Lochlan: It should maybe share the grass with other hippos to eat, I know they eat grass.
Matan: Just sharing is nice.
Morah Katie: We don't need to be like angry, angry hippos do we? We know giraffes have big hearts, and we know how to speak so we can help people have big hearts. What are some things you can do to help people have big hearts?
Olivia: Mitzvahs.

Aura is concerned that Maia picked up the doll Olivia had been playing with earlier. 
Olivia: It's ok, sharing is good and I wasn't playing with it anymore. 
Maia can have it. That's fine with me.

Sadie saw that Matan was feeling sad on the playground, she invited him to play.

Lakshmi told Sadie she would play with her when she was done putting her art away.  Sadie was so happy, she helped Lakshmi put the markers away. Then they enjoyed a Shabbat picnic.
Lochlan: Morah Katie, can you help me get the helmet off, Miles has been waiting for the bike and I'm going to share the helmet with him so he can ride it.
Morah Katie: Yes I can help, I am happy to help. This is very kind of you. 
 I can't wait to add an orange to our Mitzvah tree.

Each of these sweet acts, and many more, are making their way on to our Mitzvah tree.

Please continue to send in Mitzvah notes from home. 
You will have an extra day this weekend for more mitzvahs, as we are closed Monday for President's day.