Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thankful Week

A look at this week:

Two days in the week and what did we do? We talked about what we are thankful for! Although this is always a discussion during our davening time, this week we made Thankful Me’s and tried to write one of the things we are each thankful for! It ranged from dolls and balls to parents! Our Thankful Me’s are displayed on a bulletin board on the way into the classroom! We also worked on a special project and our letter knowledge!

And to make our week even more sepcial, we filled our tzedakah box this week. On Monday, Morah Tzivie brought in a plastic bag and we emptied our tzedakah box into the bag. Then when Rabbi came into the building, the children gave it to him so he could give it to someone who needs it!

Conversations from the week:

Although I have no specific quotes this week, I really enjoyed listening to the children during snack time on Monday. They were eating pretzels and they all decided to find letters in the parts of the pretzels they had left after they took a bite! It was so exciting to hear the numerous letters that they made!

A look at next week:

Next week we are starting our study on Chanukah! This is going to last for three weeks. We will be starting with this theme with talking about oil. We will be going on an oil hunt, doing latke math and latke letter matches. There is lots of Chanukah fun to come!

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