Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can you guess how we are feeling?

A look at this week:

We finished our look at Bugs this week by growing our own bugs. However, before we look at this week's activities, can you guess the emotion each child is showing? On Tuesday we acted out different emotions before making ladybugs to match the emotion (this was inspired by reading "The Grouchy Ladybug. (See answers at the bottom of this post)"






We also used this book to teach us about some other things! We looked at a clock and even took time to make the clock match the clocks in the book. We learned that everything happens at a "time" and that things take time to do! It took the lady bug over 45 minutes to fly down the length of the whale! While talking about time we had the chance to write about what we do in the morning, the afternoon or night. We also used a lady bug and added dots to it as we worked on number recognition by adding the same number of dots as shown on the die that we rolled.

The other book that we focused on was "The Very Lonely Firefly." We had the chance to make our own fireflies by using different shaped paper. This also helped us recognize our circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.
In Home living this week we pretended that we were collecting bugs and even had special tweezers that we used to pick them up and put them into a special bug box! We had to watch out so they didn't fly out! In the block area the children enjoyed trying to figure out how to build their own bugs. And the most enjoyed activity of the week was growing their own bugs with sponge capsules. We then had to try to figure out what bug we each grew! While the bugs were growing the children also had the chance to use a special bug eye toy that allowed them to see in ways that bugs may see.
And the final thing we did was we wrote about what made Lizzy such a special friend as we celebrated her birthday. And to make the celebration even more special, her cake ended up being in the shape of a caterpillar! How perfect!!

Listening In:

Sometimes it is just fun to sit back and listen to conversations going on in the classroom. One day this week, during lunch, Miriam had vegetables in her lunch.

Miriam: I like eating vegetables!

Lizzy: It's also called produce!

Looking Ahead:

Next week we are going to continue looking at Eric Carle books as we start a theme about animals. We are going to be using other books as well in the classroom as we start to grow from our Eric Carle theme. We are going to be focusing on his books, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and
Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?" These two books will lead us into discussions about color, senses and other animals. We will be starting to build a zoo in the classroom as we start to get excited that we may be going to the real zoo in a couple of weeks!


Pictures are this Wednesday. Please remember to wear your smiles! And also return your picture order forms!!!
Making a lady bug to match our feelings

Looking at the world through a bug's eye
Collecting bugs

Building a bug, and using different vehicles to help the people get to the bug!

The caterpillar cupcake design

Watching a bug grow!

Making a paper shape bug

Working so hard on his clock

Checking out the clock to match the story

Answers to the emotion pictures:

Miriam: Sad

Lizzy: Mad

Levi: Happy

Tyrus: Grouchy

Mussie: Surprised

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