Thursday, June 17, 2010

The end of the year

It has been an amazing year working with the children! Everyday was filled with fun and excitement as well as many learning opportunities for both the children and myself. We have had a great time getting to know each other and making strides in our knowledge.

I would actually like to thank the children for helping me through the year. No matter what they always amazed me with their knowledge, with their caring attitudes towards others and with the interesting things they would tell me! These children really have grown this year. Last Friday there was someone in the classroom who was looking at some of the pictures posted on the wall. She knows many of the children and was commenting about how much the children had grown since the beginning of the year (when many of the pictures were taken)! When spending every day with the children, you do not always see these changes, however, by looking back at the pictures, their writing, their letter knowledge and much more, it becomes very noticeable that they grew in many ways! I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to experience these growths with them! It is always great to see the "light bulb" go off in a child's head when they grasp a new concept. I watched this happen many times this year. It may have come as a child learned that they could pedal a bike or swing on the swings without being pushed. It may have come as a child counted to a new level or was able to read more letters than the day before. It may have shown up as a child read something they had never read before. No matter how that light bulb went off, every child had their chance of showing me the bright light (and the excited smile) when this happened.

It was really enjoyable to watch all of the children work with their parents on their scrapbook pages at the End Of Year Celebration. It was nice to see the thrilled looks on the children as they were able to show off their pictures and their progress, as many children wrote on their pages as well as cut out the pictures and glued them on! The love and excitement that was felt in the room was amazing.

I also want to thank all the families for the wonderful gift they gave to me at the celebration. It is absolutely beautiful and when I wear it I will definitely remember how special all of your children are and how much they have meant to me! Thank you.

I really hope everyone enjoys there summer! I hope that Mussie, Miriam and Tyrus all continue to grow and enjoy their education as they move on to first grade and Kindergarten. I know you will all do great as your educational adventures take you further!

Thank you again for an amazing year. I know that normally pictures follow my posts, however, due to some other "end of year" activities for my family, I will have to post pictures on Sunday or Monday. I will do that soon as I have some lovely pictures of the children making their scrapbook pages with their parents!

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