Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A good second week.

This was a great, if short week.
The classroom was full of smiles, and I began to hear many voices join my own.

We began talking about the letter "S". We discovered many things around us begin with "S":
spoons, scissors, squares, spiders, September, sukkah.
Morah Katie: Look at our playground, the swings begin with "S".
Dena: Swings have "S"
Morah Katie: What does slide begin with?
Levi: S, but not catching, that begins with "C".

We went on a hunt for all the square objects we could find in the classroom. We discovered our mirrors are in the shape of a square, some books and blocks as well as our group meeting room are in the shape of a square.
Morah Katie: Should we rename circle time square time?
Children: NO! silly!

We ate lunch in the Chabbad sukkah tuesday and wednesday. On tuesday we talked about the sukkah.
Morah Katie: Where are we eating today?
Children: Sukkah!
Dena: It's a big sukkah.
Morah Katie: How many sides does the sukkah have?
Dena: One, two, three.
Levi: Four until the door opened.
Kian: Big sukkah.
Tori: We can't move it.
Morah Katie: How many friends are eating lunch in the sukkah?
Levi: 7!
Morah Katie: Where will we eat lunch tomorrow?
Children: Sukkah!

Wednesday at lunch we discussed:
Morah Katie: What do we do in the sukkah?
Levi: Eat!
Morah Katie: Who do we eat with?
Tori: Friends!
Levi: Family and friends
Morah Katie: Who are we eating with today?
Dena: Levi
Tori: Dena
Kian: Friends
Levi: Kian
Tori: Daniel
Dena: Tori
Levi: Morah Katie
Morah Katie: I am happy to be eating lunch in the sukkah with my friends.

We spent a delightful time playing in our wonderful outdoor play area and on the fantastic train!

Next week is also a short week, we will continue to explore the letter "S" and practice our counting and pattern making.

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