Friday, October 15, 2010

The classroom is becoming a very active place. The children are familiar with our routine. They know that we begin our day with free choice activities. We have group time, snack and playtime. They can count on story time as we transition from play to group and individual lessons. When we sing our clean up song, they know lunch is next and then we say our good byes for the day.

Children benefit from a predictable classroom and routine. They feel secure, which fosters independence.

Freedom of choice also builds independence. I encourage the children to look at the activities, what catches their eye? What looks fun? What do they want to try doing today? If one of my friends is very interested in cutting, it is my job to be sure I have papers from him/her to cut.

Once this skill is "mastered" the child feels they have accomplished a goal and are ready to move to other areas with increased self confidence.

Likewise, if a child is not particularly interested in doing an activity with me, I will not push the issue at that time. I will do the activity or play the game with their friend, or discuss it at group time. The child will be exposed to the concept indirectly. When the child becomes interested, we will get that activity and play. When the interest is there, learning happens easily and quickly.

Every child has something to offer in the classroom. The classroom is designed to be an environment where the children can fully realize their potential - as individuals and as members of the community.

Children learn in a variety of ways, some need to do, some need to hear, some need to see.
A child maybe building with blocks, and at the same time be listening to his/her friend play a rhyming game. When the block building child moves on to the rhyming game, it is always fun to see just how much was absorbed simply by listening. I do my best to observe the learning styles of the children and meet those needs.

This week we celebrated our friend Levi's birthday. We talked about how this is the day Hashem decided the world needed Levi. We made him a book describing why he is such a special friend, and talked about all the things he can do now that he is 4.

The children have recieved writing notebooks. In addtion to the writing work they will be bringing home, the notebook will stay at school. It is always a big treat at the end of the year to see the progress in letter and number writing.

We will be constructing our Torah inspired feather painting next week, if you happen to go through another roll of paper towels, I will gladly take the inner tube.

We have been enjoying the great fall weather! The train is a highlight of our day, the slide, the engine, and of course the kaboose!

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