Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another delightful week has passed at The Gan.

We have been learning about the 5 types of vertebrates. We created a chart to list the characteristics of each vertebrate; we have a sorting job consisting of tiny animals, and we have books and picture cards which have allowed us see pictures of the 5 different vertebrates.

This is a compilation of some of the conversations we have had this week about the vertebrates.

Morah Katie: Tell me something that all the vertebrates have in common, they all have it.

Kian: Backbones!

Morah Katie: I agree! Can you tell me something that makes mammals different from fish, birds, amphibians or reptiles?

Levi: Mammals do not lay eggs.

Dena: They have fur!

Morah Katie: What does a bird have that is different from the other vertebrates?

Tori: Wings

Levi: Feathers

Morah Katie: What type of skin does an amphibian have, think of a frog.

Kids: Slimy

Morah Katie: Amphibians have wet skin. What type of skin does a reptile have?

Levi: Scaly and dry.

Morah Katie: Which vertebrates lay eggs?

Kids: Not mammals!

Morah Katie: True, which do?

Dena: Birds

Tori: Fish

Morah Katie: do amphibians and reptiles lay eggs?

Kids: Yes!

Along with this stimulating comparison of vertebrates, the children have been working hard in all areas of the classroom.

matching letters


serious playing

The children discovered something very exciting on thursday morning when we went to play outside.


We talked about just how cold it must have been over night to create the ice on the slide. We had fun peeling it off the slide, feeling how cold it was and breaking it apart.
On friday morning at snack we wondered if we would find ice again when we went for playtime, we found a frosty icy slide indeed!

I wish you all joy and fun over the two week break. I look forward to seeing you all in January.

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