Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I have a little sukkah
With 4 walls and door
It doesn't have a ceiling
It doesn't have a floor
The Schach will be the ceiling
The earth will be the floor
I'll take my Etrog and my Lulav
I'm ready now for sure

Sukkah Sukkah Sukkah
I like to sit in you
I like to wave my lulav
and my etrog too
(to the tune of I have a little Dreidle)
Morah Tzive read us a story about a young boy preparing for Sukkot.
In the story the boy helps his father build a sukkah.
We learned that a sukkah is a structure with four walls and door, but no ceiling or floor!
We learned that the roof of a sukkah needs to let a bit of the sky in, if it rains we may feel some of the raindrops.
We learned that the hebrew name for the roof is schach, made from branches that have been cut or have fallen.
We built miniature sukkah's with popsicle sticks.
To make the schach we went on a nature walk to collect leaves and twigs.
We wove green paper together for our schach and added the leaves from our walk.
We have a finished sukkah of our own.
Morah Katie: Saturn is a planet in our solar system.
Kian: It has circles.
Morah Katie: It has rings. What do you think the rings are made of?
Levi: Gases
Morah Katie: Good guess, many of the planets have gases surrounding them, the rings blur and look gassy. But, the rings of Saturn are made of something solid and cold.
Tori: Rocks.
Morah Katie: Rocks are solid, sometimes rocks can be cold, but not all the time. Any other guesses?
Morah Katie: The rings of Saturn are made of large pieces of ice. Some are as large as a house! Close your eyes and picture your house, imagine it as an ice cube. Imagine it orbiting Saturn.
Dena: That's silly!
We hold a Lulav with an Etrog
we make a blessing loud and clear.
We wave the Lulav in all directions,
We're so happy Sukkot is here.
(To the tune of Oh my darling clementine)
Lulav and Etrog
We each held the lulav and etrog and said the blessing.

We know that the four kinds of plants are an etrog, a frond of a date palm tree, a branch of a myrtle tree, and a branch from a willow tree.
We made a paper lulav and etrog to bring home.
Morah Katie: Which branch is the longest?
Levi: The palm.
Morah Katie: How can you tell the difference between the myrtle and the willow?
Tori: Willow is bigger and dark green.
Morah Katie: What would an etrog feel like in your hand?
Dena: Bumpy.

We walked to see the sukkah and play at the train yard, on our way we noticed the
Levi: It's following us!
Noah: The wind moves it.
Kian: The sun makes it go.
Levi: The sun doesn't move, the moon does.
Once in the train yard, the conversation continued.
Tori: We won't see the moon now, the fence is blocking it.
Shalom: But look (points over fence)
Tori: It came with us!!!

We finished our week with singing, dancing and lunch in the Sukkah.

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