Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Germs aren't for Sharing

We had a visit from some nursing students on Tuesday.
Our guests were quite impressed that the children at The Gan knew what to do to prevent spreading germs.
Levi: We can cough into our elbows.
Noah: You should use a tissue to wipe your nose.
Tori: We can wash our hands.
The nursing students read us a book, Germs are not for Sharing by Elizabeth Verdick. We also made a craft to help remind us the of one of the ways to prevent sharing germs.
We drew our faces on paper plates
and covered our " runny noses" with tissue.
It was a nice reminder of how to best NOT share germs.
As an added reminder in this season of runny noses and coughs, please help remind your child to wash their hands in the morning when they arrive at school - an easy step to prevent the sharing of germs.

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