Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome back from Winter Break.
It has been a week of smiles and laughter and joyful reunions!

We used this first week back to reacquaint ourselves with the classroom and routines.
The following are a few bits of conversations and observations overheard.

Tori: The sand keeps spilling out of the bucket.
(sits and looks at bucket/basket, pours more sand in it, watches as the sand spills out)
(giggles) It's because of the holes! (laughs) The holes!
(Tori continued to put sand in the basket and watched it spill out)

Noah: We can build a pyramid.
Gracie: I want to build a pyramid.
Noah: OK, we need to stack them and build them.
Gracie: I will stack them.
Noah: We did it! Let's crash it and build it again
Gracie: Yeah, we like to crash things!

Dena: Do you want to play monster?
Noah/Kian: YEAH!!!
Dena: We need a monster, who will be the monster?
Levi: I will be the monster.
Dena: OK, Levi will be the monster and we will run. Levi will chase us, if he catches us
Levi: I'll let you go because really I want to run, we want to chase. But you can go in the tunnel.
Dena: OK, so let's .......... Start!

Levi: If you use a magnifying glass the small fish looks as big as the biggest fish.

Gracie: (pointing to Tori) She's my friend.
(pointing to Dena) She's my friend.
(pointing to the group) ALL MY FRIENDS!

Ben: We are building a house.
Aaron: We are making the windows, the window to see out.
Ben: Then we will build a roof.
Aaron: But first the windows need to be out.
Ben: Yeah, the windows can't be blocked.

Happy Birthday to Kian!

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