Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We have the answers to our 4 questions!
We set a seder table.
Why do we dip twice?
Tori: Because the Jewish people were slaves and sad.
Morah Katie: What do we dip and what do we dip it into?
Noah: We dip the bitter stuff, that's hot and spicy into the apple mix.
Morah Katie: Why is that?
Dena: They were sad but then happy when they left Egypt.
Levi: We dip vegetables in salt water to remember the sadness of the Jews.
Why do we eat matzah?
Kian: They rushed out.
Levi: There was no time to let it rise.
Why do we eat the bitter maror?
Ben: Because the people were working so hard and feeling so bad. It is spicy and makes your eyes tear up.
Tori: They were crying they were so sad.
Why do we recline?
Dena: To celebrate we are free. We drink four cups of wine too.
Ben: A pillow is more comfortable.
We held our final water experiment.
Can Morah Katie keep a dry sponge from getting wet?
Despite her belief she could, the Gan scientists declared that she would NOT be able to.
Morah Katie: Why? I'm going to fold it and hide it in my hand keeping it protected.
Levi: The water will go under your hand!
Dena: It will get wet.
Ben: Water likes to go everywhere!
Tori: It won't stay dry.
Assisted by a guest, water was poured over Morah Katie's hands,
The scientists had correctly hypothesized about the nature of water and its insistence on going everywhere it can fill.
Morah Katie: But I bet I can separate the water and put a dry sponge down in the middle and keep it dry.
Levi: NO! you can't water won't do that!
Kian: Water doesn't split.
Again, the children were correct, I was unable to split the water in two.
Morah Tzivie joined us to tell about a great miracle.
Morah Tzivie explained that a miracle is something that happens even though it shouldn't really happen.
We listened as she told us about the thousands of Jewish people quickly leaving Egypt. We were worried to find out the King Pharaoh decided to change his mind AGAIN! and sent his army after the Jewish people.
We listened to how the Jewish people were stuck between a great sea and the army.
Morah Tzive: What can they do?
Tori: Walk over it.
Kian; Walk around.
Morah Tzivie: It was so big, and they were worried and scared, what did the Jewish people do when they were worried and sad before?
They did this during the miracle at Chanukah, and when Haman had his mean plan.
Levi: Daven to Hashem!
Morah Tzivie: Yes! and Hashem heard them and told Moses to hit his staff on the ground, and do you know what happened?
Levi: The water split!
Morah Tzivie: Yes, it separated, not what water should do, but it did! And all the Jewish people were able to cross!

And we know, that once they crossed the sea, the water closed and the Jewish people were really free.
We made crafts about the miracle.

We had a sampling of some of the foods we eat at the Seder meal.
We smelled bitter maror.
Scout: It is yucky.
Ben: Wow, it is really spicy, maybe my dad would like this.
We dipped some lettuce in charoset,
Aaron: Apples are good.
Gracie: I like this.
We dipped celery in salt water.
Kian: mmm Can I have more?
Tori: Can I have more too?

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