Friday, June 15, 2012

Can it be? Yes, indeed, another active busy week at The Gan.
Shadow art.
Exploring with light.
The cucumber plants are growing and ready to plant.
Portland was recreated, bridges and all.
Salamanders were colored.
Tori: Well we didn't have any more salamanders, and Noah wanted another one so I drew one for him. It's green but he can still color it.
Music was played.
The year has gone by quickly! We have learned so much.
Morah Katie: What can you tell me about the planets, or the solar system?
Kian: Saturn has rings.
Dena: Saturn is far from the sun.
Noah: Pluto is demoted.
Ben: Venus passed in front of the sun.
Tori: Pluto is far from the sun.
Levi: In between Jupiter and Mars is the asteroid belt.
Efraim: The blue one.
Morah Katie: The blue one is Neptune.
Aaron: There is a red planet, Mars.
Gracie: Jupiter is far away.
Morah Katie: Tell me what you have learned about the ocean.
Levi: Seals are marine mammals.
Noah: Crabs live on the ocean floor.
Ben: Orca whales spout air.
Tori: Sea anemones eat fish.
Efraim: Fish, ocean.
Dena: Crabs walk on 6 legs.
Kian: Clown fish work together with sea anemone.
Gracie: Sea crabs live in the ocean.
Morah Katie: What can you tell me about the 5 types of vertebrates?
Levi: A giraffe is a vertebrate, it is a mammal.
Ben: A chameleon can change colors, it is a reptile.
Noah: Not every animal has backbone, spider crabs don't but monkeys do.
Shalom: A lion has a backbone, and is a mammal.
Aaron: Birds can fly.
Noam: The animals went on the ark.
On a hunt for reptiles
Morah Katie: Please share with me something special about the holidays we celebrated this year.
Ben: We light 8 candles on Chanukah.
Noah: Purim and Queen Esther.
Dena: Queen Esther saved the day.
Levi: At Rosh Hashanah we dip apples in honey, red apples.
Aaron: At Shabbat we light candles.
Eftraim: Shabbat! Candles!
Kian: The Torah.
Morah Katie: We did just finish celebrating the Torah and Shavout. Who can tell me the name of the holiday when we celebrate (Morah Katie stood in the yoga tree pose)....
Levi: Tu B' Shevat! We also celebrated Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

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