Friday, January 18, 2013

Gracie: I see branches in the puddle!
We continue to explore trees and discuss what they provide for us.
Morah Katie: What do trees give us?
Tori: Oxygen.
Kian: They gives us food.
Dena: Turns dirty air into clean air.
Gracie: A place for tree houses.
Aaron: Wood to build things.
Efraim: Umbrella for shade.
We used clay to sculpt our very own trees.
We painted them when the clay set.
We have a beautiful forest.

 With our fingers prepared and ready to explore, we went out on an expedition.
We made tree rubbings, 
We searched for twigs and leaves for a sensory table.
The children explored and described the tree treasures.

In celebration for Tu B'Shevat, we have begun to create this year's mitzvah tree. 
The children voted on a sweet peach as the fruit to represent their sweet mitzvahs.  
It is delightful to see the tree filling so quickly.

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