Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We experience the world around us through our five senses. 
To have super senses, we need to:
Dena: Eat Good.
Morah Katie: What should we eat?
Noah: Carrots
Kian: Avocados
Josiah: Sandwiches
Morah Katie: What if I never brushed my teeth? (EWWWW)
 What do I need to do so I can be a SUPER TASTER?
Tori: Brush your teeth!
Morah Katie: What if I play and play and touch all the toys and play in the dirt and then eat my lunch and it tastes like dirt, (EWWWW) what should I do?
Dena: WASH your hands!
(2 new soaps were brought to class, strawberry and coconut)
Morah Katie: What if I am in class and I fall asleep, will I get to see, and hear and touch all the fun things we have?
Gracie: NO!
Morah Katie: What should I do to be sure I have as much fun as I can?
Noam: SLEEP.
Morah Katie: Ok, so if I want to be a SUPER SENSER, I need to be sure I eat well, take care of my body and get plenty of sleep?
Having clear instructions of how to be SUPER SENSERS, we were ready to explore our 5 Senses!
Last week we began our closer look at the amazing way we experience our world. 
We began with our sense of touch.
We made a hand with different textures;
smooth, soft, rough/scratchy, sticky, fuzzy, bouncy
We mixed sand into paint and compared the thick rough paint to the thin smooth paint.
We got our hands into shaving cream, 
and we made slime.
When the slime was in the mixing bowl with the water it was VERY SLIMY.
We discovered that when the slime is out of water it will begin to harden, and it can bounce!
This week we have moved on to explore our amazing sense of Hearing.
We clap, and hear the sound. 
Sound is the movement of waves, vibrations, traveling from the source of the sound (our clap) to our ears!
We played the triangle, and felt the vibration of the metal.
We played our music box. 
During class we played a game: If you hear the music box you need to  FREEZE! 
We made shakers. 
We played Hullaballu, a listen and follow game.
Exploring the source of sound further, we stretched a balloon over a PVC pipe elbow then placed a finger on the stretched rubber to feel the vibration as we made sounds in the pipe. 
Dena: Ha ha it tickles my finger when I do that!
Using our voices, we then made rice dance and jump around on the stretched piece of rubber!
We played hide and seek, using the triangle. The child hiding began to strike the triangle and the seeker followed the sound.
We used a stethoscope to listen to our hearts, and explored if other things in the classroom made noises.
Morah Katie made sound recordings of things in the classroom,
 and we had to identify them just by the noise they made.
It has been sensory filled 2 weeks, and we still have 3senses to explore and experience!

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