Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dragonflies and Sukkahs

We began preparing for Sukkot.  
We played a counting game to create the s'chach on a tabletop sukkah.
We used blocks to create sukkahs for our dolls.
We created edible sukkahs for snack.
Morah Tzive shared a lulav and an estrog.

We can't wait to make our own next week as we continue to celebrate!
This week as entomologists we discovered that dragonflies are not simply bugs with shiny wings.
Morah Katie: What is something interesting you can tell me about dragonflies?
Efraim: They eat mosquitoes.
Morah Katie: How many sets of wings do they have?
Jack: 2, with 2 wings on each side of the body.
Morah Katie: What does having 2 sets of wings allow the dragonfly to do?
Gracie: They fly forward and backward.
Mimi: They can hunt in the air.
Amidst the learning and preparing for Sukkot, there was play, friendship building and development of new skills.
Efraim & Abigail: Jellyfish Jellyfish!
Morah Katie: Would I find a jellyfish with a dragonfly?
Abigail: NO! in the OCEAN!
We can all put the puzzle away.

Quiet comforting at group time
Natan: It's a beautiful rocket.
Ari: I put my sock on!
Playing family

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