Friday, June 13, 2014

What a Year!

It has been another wonderful year at The Gan.

Morah Katie: It has been a great year. We have learned a lot since we began 167 days ago. 
What is something you have learned?
Efraim: We learned the Tango!
Gracie: We learned about Japan, and sushi.
Sroli: I learned about the United States.
Judah: We made bowls.
Efraim: The rain helps plants and sun comes back.
Morah Katie: It does, what does the sun coming out after the rain remind us of?
Efraim: Hashem is always there.
Sroli: Hashem makes vegetables and strawberries grow.
Natan: I learned I LOVE bugs. Spiders can bite, but not always.
Morah Katie: Are spiders bugs? 
Kids: NO!
Efraim: Spiders make sticky webs to catch bugs.
Sroli: We learned about Holidays.
Abigail: We have Shabbat.
Zim: We learned to use kind hands.

It has been a pleasure spending the year with these children.

We will finish up our school year with a short week next week.
If your child has a game he/she enjoys please send it monday.
Tuesday will be Pajama Day! Send your child in pj's and with a pillow or "lovey" for a day of games!

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