Friday, September 12, 2014

WOW! Rainbows!

Olivia: I see 3 rainbows!
Natan: We have SO MANY rainbows in our classroom!
We have been exploring color. 
It fills our world.
Our toys are colorful.
There is color in our garden.
There are shades of colors, some are pale and some are bold.
Clara: WE, all the girls, have blue! spoons.
We have been working hard to create color books. 
Each color gets it's own page. 
Morah Katie: Last week, we searched for red, yellow and blue in the classroom. 
They are very special colors. They are called primary colors. 
By mixing the 3 primary colors, we can create many other colors.
What happens when you mix yellow and blue?
Sroli: You get GREEN!
Morah Katie: What happens when you mix red and yellow?
Natan: Orange!
Morah Katie: What happens when you mix red and blue? 
Amelia: Purple!
Morah Katie: What colors do you see Anton wearing?
Isaac: Red.
Sroli: Blue.
Morah Katie: What color are his shoes?
Abigail: Yellow.
Morah Katie: What is the special name we call yellow, red and blue?
Anton: Primary.
Sroli: I am wearing primary colors on my feet. There is red on my socks and blue and yellow on my shoes.
Morah Katie: I see the primary colors on your feet. 
What colors do you see Abigail wearing?
Sroli: Orange.
Natan: Green.
Morah Katie: I see purple too. How were those colors created?
Kids: By mixing colors!
Sroli: WOW! I see orange and purple, I didn't make green.
Morah Katie: Why no green?
Sroli: The yellow and blue didn't mix.
Evan: I used yellow and yellow, and it made yellow.
Morah Katie: I see pale yellows and darker yellows.
Evan: Me too.

To further explore color mixing, we performed a science experiment.
We took some rice milk, added one drop of red, yellow and blue food coloring, and then a drop of dish soap.
The results were amazing!
Sofia: I made it swirl. It is all mixing!
Natan: There is a rainbow on my plate!
It has been a colorful week!
Sroli: The rock turned green.
Natan: I want a green rock.
Sroli: You can if you mix the colors.
Clara: Well we mixed colors and now I am painting.
Abigail: The colors will mix and I will make more colors.
Ari: I am on the  yellow square.
Isaac: I am painting a red rock. I am wearing a red shirt too.

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