Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I am making a sukkah!
I am making a lulav and etrog!
Morah Katie: What do our Sukkah walls remind us of?
Natan: The clouds.
Morah Katie: Tell me more about the clouds.
Sroli: Hashem gave them because of the blowy sand and hot sun.
Amelia: And the snakes.
Morah Katie: Who did he send the clouds for?
Sroli: The people walking (in the desert), the Jewish people.
Morah Katie: When we walk into our sukkah what do the walls remind us of?
Abigail: A hug.
Morah Katie: From who?
Sroli: Hashem.
Natan: He is always there.

The rain stayed away and we enjoyed lunch in the sukkah.
Rabbi helped us say the special bracha.
We also discovered a little visitor.
 Amelia: Look is it a parading man!
Natan: A praying mantis! It is so awesome! Look how beautiful it is!
Morah Tzivie: We have our sukkah, what are these?
Abigail: Etrog and lulav!
Morah Tzivie: During Sukkot we make a special blessing with the lulav and etrog.
Rabbi lead us in the special blessing as we held the lulav and estrog and shook them together!

 We had a very windy rainy day, but as we were preparing for lunch we noticed something outside.
Morah Katie: What is happening? 
Sroli: Hashem is sending the sun!
Natan: He is moving the clouds!
Morah Katie: What is the blue thing? 
Amelia: The sky! The sun is coming!

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