Friday, January 15, 2016

More Physics Fun

We continued to explore the rules of physics.
We manipulated ramps and inclines.
Nora: I think the circle will roll. 
Morah Katie: Why would the cube not roll? 
Clara: It isn't round.
Abram: It has flat sides.
 We explored with magnets.
 Evelyn is sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects.
The glass marble did not stick to her magnet wand.
 Evelyn: These are all sticking because they are magnetic. They like the magnet.
We saw and felt the invisible force of magnetism.
We continue to explore Newton's 2nd law of motion.
Olivia had 3 rock choices.
Olivia: Well this rock is pretty heavy. (drops the rock) 
It did leave a big hole.
Morah Katie: Why is the hole so big?
Olivia: It was the heavy rock, not the small one.
Morah Katie: What do we know about liquids?
Clara: They flow.
Evan: They change shape and move.
Morah Katie: What do we know about solids?
Ari: A ball is solid. The tape is solid. They don't change shape.
We had lots of fun with ooblecks, non- newtonian fluids.
Ooblecks are both solid and liquid!
Clara: It feels mushy but sometimes it's hard to push it, when it is solid it's hard, but when it was liquid I made green with blue and yellow.
Olivia: Mine is goopy. 
Evelyn: Oh! My colors are dripping so slowly off my fingers.
Nora: Hey it is solid, OH it is turning liquid.
 Asher used his spoon to scrape through the solid oobleck,
but when we lifted the pan it slid in liquid form.
 Morah Katie: Augie, why does your red have a circle in the middle? Shouldn't it be filling itself in?
Augie: The red is solid and not moving right now. 
In the time it took to get my photo app on,
Olivia's solid ball liquefied!
Olivia: It was a ball and now it is like rain.
Our final experiment comparing liquids to solids was very exciting.
The plastic polymers, the atoms and molecules making the plastic, stretched for the pencils; 
when we took the pencils out, water began to spill though the holes.

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