Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Friends, friends what do you see?" a blog inspired by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle

This week I turned the camera over to the preschoolers.
Enjoy viewing the classroom through their eyes.

Morah Katie, Morah Katie what do you see? 
I see:
Children playing and sharing, 
doing so many things.

Evelyn,  Evelyn what do you see?
Evelyn sees:
A plant, Mr. Potato head's hat,
the Torahs and tzedakah.

Ari, Ari what do you see?
Ari sees:
Me, and Evelyn,
the girls and Maia.

Clara, Clara what do you see?
Clara sees:
Matan and Olivia, and Ari being silly,
and Nora playing and Evan.

Abram, Abram what do you see?
Abram sees:
Augie's book, Evan,
the chalk and eraser, and Clara.

Judah, Judah what do you see?
Judah sees:
The fish tank, the paints, 
some art and the plant.

Augie, Augie what do you see?
Augie sees:
The kitchen, and black chalk board,
Abram and Olivia,  and a frog.

Evan, Evan what do you see?
Evan sees:
Clara and Judah eating, Evelyn and Augie,
and Morah Katie taking my picture.

Nora, Nora what do you see?
Nora sees:
 A puzzle, mice,
bunnies and paints.

Lochlan, Lochlan what do you see?
Lochlan sees:
Kids,  Judah and Clara,
the blocks and the animals.

Sophia, Sophia what do you see?
Sophia sees:
 The baby, Judah and Clara,
the Torahs and ME!

Sadie, Sadie what do you see?
Sadie sees:
The mitzvah tree,  Judah,
the blue mat and Morah Katie.

Olivia, Olivia what do you see?
Judah, the kid books, 
the paints and the tree.

Maya, Maya, what do you see?
The doll house and costumes
and the easel with Sadie.


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