Friday, November 4, 2016

What is The United States of America and where is it?

This week was a brief introduction to The United States: what and where is it? 
(We did stumble into a few topics we will be exploring in greater detail in the coming weeks.)
"North America, South America
Europe, Asia and Africa
Don't forget Australia
Don't forget Antarctica"
(sing twice)
Morah Katie: We have 7 continents, the land on our earth.  A country is an area of land with people living on it who share a government. That's a new word. A government is a group of people who set up the laws, rules, for the people. Can you say that? Government.
Kids: Government.
Morah Katie: Also the people living in the country share similar customs, traditions and language.    
Countries are found on all the continents, except for one. Why isn't there a country on Antarctica, 
we don't want to forget it, why aren't there any people living there?
Olivia: Because it is cold and mostly ice.
Morah Katie: Scientist will travel to Antarctica to study the animals and the ice, and weather. But no one lives there permanently. Looking at our world map we can see different flags that show us where different countries are.  Our country is 
Sadie: Our land where we are.
Olivia: America
Sadie:  I live in North America. My place is Washington.
Morah Katie: Our country is The United States of America, it is on the continent of North America.  
Nora: There is no ice all the time all year long like that place.
Morah Katie: You are correct, The United States is not Antarctica.
Lochlan: I lived in Washington and then I moved to California.
Morah Katie: You did live in California and then you moved here to Washington and now we know you. Which reminds me of the word united. We are all united here at The Gan. We are all friends, here together.  The United States, there are MANY states. They are all together as ONE country. Do you know how many?
Lochlan: 6
Jade: 2
 Kyllee: 10
Maya: 5 
Morah Katie: So much more. Let's count on our map. 1, 2, 3 (we continued ) 49, 50! That is a lot.

Here are a few more conversations about the United States. 
Matan: But where is the Eiffel Tower? 
Morah Katie: The Eiffel Tower is in France, not in the United States.
Matan: Then what is that Statue we have. 
Morah Katie: We have the Statue of Liberty in New York.
Matan: And the other Statue of the Faces? Right Here.
Morah Katie: Mount Rushmore. Those are the faces of 4 presidents,Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. 
Nora: They are not in our state with the apples.
Morah Katie: What state is that?
Nora: Washington!
Morah Katie: Did you know the United States never had a king as part of its government?
Maya: Never a queen or king.
Morah Katie: Before there was a United States, there was a group of people who lived here under a king who said follow my rules and pay me lots of money. These people decided to tell the king they wanted to be independent and be free to pursue happiness, to try to find happiness. What makes you happy?
Olivia: Cake and toys.
Nora: Dinner.
Maya: Playing. 
Morah Katie: Another thing that is pretty cool about The United States is we have the right to freedom of speech, to say what is on our mind.  At The Gan we use our sweet kind words to solve problems. Today on the play ground though, I was hearing a lot of cranky sour words, and bossiness.  We will get angry, we may disagree with a friend. We can tell them we disagree with kindness, we need to use our words thoughtfully. You can stand up for yourself and be kind to your friend.  
Maya: Well I didn't like it when Jade wouldn't let me play with her but I told her it made me feel sad.
Nora: When Olivia was the cheetah mom and we were not playing well I just decided to be the sister and then we were better and we played happy.
Morah Katie: I'm glad you used your words thoughtfully to solve your problems.
Nora: This one is ours, it has our flag. Those other countries don't have our flag they are not ours.
Jade: Yeah, that is ours. We live there.
Nora: And this is our state Washington.
Jade: Hey this is Florida!  My Nana is there. And do you know I have a dog named DAKOTA!

The recognition of our flag brought our flag craft out a couple weeks early.
It was a big hit.
Morah Katie: Something that unites the people of a country are customs, traditions, and holidays. 
We have a holiday coming up this month. It is always the fourth Thursday of November.  
It is Thanksgiving.  And guess what? We are going to have a special Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner with our families to celebrate.   
The children are preparing for our special dinner first by creating invitations.
We will continue to create thankful crafts as we prepare for our special dinner.

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