Friday, December 9, 2016

The oil miracle

The Chanukah story is an exciting one, with heroes the children are eager to emulate.
It is fun to be the brave Jewish children tricking the Greek soldiers.

The excitement continues with the miracles.
Morah Tzivie set up an experiment.
We lit a tiny cup of oil and kept an eye on it as it burned.
Morah Tzivie: The oil is fuel, food, for the fire.  The fire will eat up the oil until it is all gone. 
We know that after the Maccabees chased the Greeks away, they found the tiny bit of oil and it lasted for 8 days.  
Let's watch our menorah and see what happens to the oil.

Experiment 1
The fire used up all the oil by the middle of nap time, about 1:00  

 Experiment 2

This time the fire used the oil up by lunch time.   
Morah Katie: How is the oil at The Gan different from the oil at the Beit HaMikdash?
Mason: The oil didn't refill.
Nora: The fire ate up all the oil.
Matan: It lasted just for that time.
Maya: It didn't last for a long time, for 8 days.
Morah Katie: Did a miracle happen at The Gan?
Kids: NO.
Lakshmi: No miracle.
Nora: The oil just got used up.
Matan: Morah Katie, the FIRE used UP the OIL.
Mason: The cups didn't refill.

We are discovering we use oil to make latkes and fry donuts for Chanukah treats.
We tried to make mystery designs with oil and water color paints. 
(more on the science to come!)
We had some fun and discovered how many candles tall we were.  

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