Friday, February 3, 2017


Morah Katie: This month we are going on an African safari.
What type of animals do you think we may see there?
Maya: Giraffes.
Matan: Crocodiles.
Olivia: Cheetahs.
Lochlan: Elephants.
Miles: Lions.
Morah Katie: We will use our eyes to search the African savanna and our ears to listen for the sounds of these animals.
Morah Katie: What are somethings all living things need to survive? To live?
Mason: Food.
Lochlan: Water.
Morah Katie: Yes, all living things need food and water.  Living things, people and animals, also like something to protect them when the rain is nonstop, the snow is too cold, or the sun is too hot.
Mason: The shade.
Lochlan: A house.
Matan: A roof.
Morah Katie: I agree, all of those are types of shelter to protect people and animals from weather when it gets too much. 
Matan: Morah Katie, I don't see any crocodiles in the puzzle or the picture with the animals
 so they must be hiding in the river.
 Jade: I'm making a crocodile in Africa. And then I am going to paint a giraffe.
Olivia: I'm painting a lion.
 I need to make brown for when I make a tree.

Next week we encounter our first animal.

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