Friday, May 19, 2017

We have been filling our mitzvah tree with mitzvah oranges since Tu B'shevat.  
Our tree is predominantly orange, hardly any green can be seen.  
Many of these are from mitzvos the children have done at home, many are for mitzvos they have done at school.
Everyday the children sing: 
"Hareini Mikabel alay mitzvat Asei shel viahavta lirie-acha camocha.
I take upon myself the mitzvah of loving my fellow friend as myself."
Morah Katie: How can you show your friends you care about them?
Lochlan: You can help them be happy when they are angry.
Jade: You can tell them you like their dress.
Mason: You can take turns.
Sophia Grace: You can be kind.
Olivia: Helping them if they need it.
Aura: Smile.

Maia: Hug them.
Sadie: Play with them. 
In September we created a book titled, 
Our Peaceful Classroom.
In it, the reader* will discover that in our peaceful classroom we:
  • help our friends, 
  • take care of living things,
  • use our peace making words to solve problems,
  • share and take turns, 
  • hold hands and care care about our others when they are sad
  • love our friends
It is 8 months later and my friends continue to live what they wrote.
Morah Katie: In our peaceful classroom 
Sophia Grace: We help each other.
Maya: We love planting and taking care of things and digging in the dirt.
Colette: We share and take turns.
Lochlan: We hold hands and care about others when they are sad.
In our peaceful classroom we love our friends and cheer them on.

We are preparing for our upcoming holiday, Shavout.  It is the holiday when we celebrate receiving the Torah.
Each child will create their own Torah and fill it with the mitzvot from our tree.
As you can see, it will be a bountiful harvest of good deeds.

*Parents we invite you to spend a moment in the morning reading our book with your child.

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