Friday, October 20, 2017

Mountains and Valleys, Islands and Lakes

Our earth is a pretty amazing place.  It is mostly water, with some land (1/4 of its surface is land).
The land has awesome natural formations made of rock and dirt. These formations are called landforms.
A landform can be as large as a continent.  
It is on our 7 continents that we will find a variety of land formations.
We will find mountains, steep and tall, standing solo or together in a chain.
We will discover valleys between those mountains. These valleys were formed by rivers flowing down the mountainsides eroding the rock away to create a V shape at the bottom.
Maya: For the river to keep going.

*Maia is in picture, Maya is quoted.
That river may flow into a lake.
Morah Katie: Lochlan, what is that body of water surrounded by the land called?
Lochlan: Lake? It's a lake if the water is in the front. 
Morah Katie: What are some things you might find in a lake?
Aura: Rocks. I went swimming in a lake, I just saw rocks.
Maya: Fish.
Carson: The rain is filling up the lakes.
Morah Katie: As I look at some lakes, it looks like the land is hugging the water.
Jade: Like a sukkah.
Morah Katie: Miles, if there was land in the middle, surrounded by water, what would it be called?
Miles: Milesland.
Morah Katie: That would be a great name for an island.
Morah Katie: Evan the pebbles are all in the middle, and the water is surrounding it, what did you just form?
Evan: An island.
It has been exciting to discover that rocks and dirt can look so different.
There are still plateaus, plains, hills, rivers to explore.

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