Friday, January 5, 2018


Morah Katie: Let's try an experiment. When we jump in the air will we float?
Lochlan: No because of gravity. 
Morah Katie: Please tell me more.
Lochlan: Gravity is really heavy and it keeps us down.
 but did not float.
Morah Katie: If you toss a ball in the air will it stay in the air?
Matan: No.
Morah Katie: Why not?
Maya: Gravity.
Morah Katie: What is Gravity?
Maya: I can't remember but it's heavy and it's why we don't float.
Lochlan: It is strong and keeps us on the ground.
Morah Katie: Well let's see what happens when we drop these balls.

We expanded our ball drop experiment to a crumpled paper ball and plastic ball. 
Would they land at the same time?
We extended the experiment to compare the fall rate of a crumpled piece of paper to a flat sheet.
Morah Katie: Can we see gravity?  
Lochlan: No.
Maya: Yes.
Morah Katie: Where can you see it?
Maya: Everywhere. Outside. I'm not sure, but it's there.
Morah Katie: I think I know what you mean. We see it's effects.
Let's look at the jump/floating experiment again. This time look at your friends feet.
Did we see gravity?
Lochlan: Yes, because our feet fell down.
Morah Katie: Let's look at this, I am going to drop my marker. What do you see?
Evan: Your marker dropped.
Miles: Gravity. Gravity made it drop.
Morah Katie: What would life be life if we didn't have gravity?
Colette: We WOULD float.
Maya: Like being in space.
Lochlan: If you go to the moon you are floating.
Morah Katie: If we would be floating, what else would be floating? 
Carson: Trees and cars would be floating.
Miles: The whole school would be floating. 
Morah Katie: What would happen to the paint if it was floating?
Miles: It would be everywhere, but you could float to it and grab it.
Colette: Your bed would be floating!
Morah Katie: Would you be able to stay on your bed?
Kids: NO! 
Lochlan: Even your toys and tools would be floating!
Morah Katie: Who is grateful for gravity?
Kids: WE are!
Colette: Look Morah Katie! I'm floating! There's no gravity!
Over the next few weeks we will explore how gravity affects the things around us.

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