Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lochlan: Mitzvahs are kind things we do.
Moshe: They help people.
Emily: When I do a mitzvah I can make someone smile.
Eli: When someone feels sad you can play with them.

There are moments in our day when we come across a challenge. Things don't go as we planned, supplies run out, friends say no.  We no longer feel sweet.  What we choose to do in those moments is important.  

Morah Katie: How many of you dipped your apples in honey on Rosh Hashanah? (All my friends raised their hands.) We know that mitzvahs help everyone feel sweet like those honey dipped apples.
Yet sometimes, we are going to feel not so sweet. We are going to feel sour, more like a lemon. When you feel like a sour lemon what are somethings you can do?
Emily: I can find someone to play with.
Lochlan: I can help someone.
Clive: I can ask my mom and dad for help.
Morah Katie: You are really thinking of solutions to turn feeling sour into feeling sweet! 
All of these ideas could turn a challenging situation into a positive experience.

Taste test: Making a Lemon Sweet
Step 1: Taste a Lemon (the sour experience)
Step 2:  Dip the Lemon in some honey (begin to think of a positive solution-do a mitzvah for someone/ask for help/find a friend)
Step 3: Dip apples in honey (Attempt the positive solution to begin changing the situation)
Step 4: Enjoy the sweetness.

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