Friday, October 19, 2018

Exploring the Planets

Morah Jillian: What do we know about planets?
Lochlan: There are 8 planets.
Ozzie: Asteroids float to Jupiter.
Moshe: There is no sound in space.
Lochlan: The sun is a star.
Moshe: Mars is next to the asteroid belt.
Morah Jillian: What are the planets names?
Emily: Mars
Lochlan: Saturn
Ozzie: Uranus
Eliana: Jupiter
Ozzie: Neptune. Earth.
Morah Katie: What is Mercury?
Lochlan: A planet.
Clive: It is a ball of rock.
Evan: There is not air on it.
Lochlan: It is closest to the sun and is 6 times hotter than the hottest day on earth.
Morah Katie: What is Venus?
Clive: It is a planet.
Makayah: It is stinky.
Eliana: It has thick clouds.
Lochlan: It is the third shiniest thing in the sky.

Morah Katie: Why is Mars called the red planet?
Clive: Mars is red.
Morah Katie:  What else do we know about Mars?
Lochlan: People haven't landed on it but the Mars Rover has landed.
Evan: That's the robots that go on it.
Morah Katie: Tell me about Jupiter.
 Clive: It's a gas planet.
Lochlan: It's bright like Venus.
Evan: There is no place to land on it.
Lochlan: It has a great red spot.
Clive: It is the biggest planet in our solar system.
Lochlan: We can fit all our planets in Jupiter.

Morah Katie:  What about Saturn?
Eli: It has big ice in its rings.
Lochlan: We thought the rings were just blurs.
Evan: It has rings.
Lochlan: We can see it, its not as bright but we can see it from Earth. AND you have to wear warm clothes if you were to go there.
Clive: Yeah, it gets cold.
Eli: BUT still a space suit too.
Evan: AND helmet.
Emily: AND gravity boots.
Morah Katie: What can you tell me about Uranus?
Lochlan: No one would have had a birthday yet if we lived there.
Morah Katie: Right, 84 years for a full trip on its orbit. 
Lochlan: It has maybe 9 rings.
Makayah: It is sideways.
Eliana: It's green.
Morah Katie: What do you know Neptune.
Lochlan: It's the last now.
Makayah: You have to wear really warm clothes with your spacesuit.
Lochlan: It is the coldest. It is the farthest. 
Morah Katie: Finally, let's talk about not the last planet, but our planet-Earth.  It is very special.  Our planet has life on it.  We do not need to wear special spacesuits when we walk outside.  What do you find most amazing about our planet? 
Emily: It has water and air we can breathe.
Moshe: We can see Jupiter.
Makayah: Our oceans.
Eliana: Trees.
Clive: It's our home.
Lochlan: That the sun can shine right to the Earth.
Ozzie: That the moon goes around it.

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