Friday, November 9, 2018

Preschoolers define the Fundamental Needs of People

Moshe: All the kids standing on the Earth.
Evan: They are all around the world.
Morah Katie: What do all these kids have in common?
Lochlan: Clothes.
Evan: Shoes.
Morah Katie: What else so they all have in common? What do kids around the world need that you need to?
Evan: Food.
Makayah:A house.
Lochlan: Hashem
Moshe: Love.
Morah Katie: Why do we need:
Emily: From the cold weather.
Makayah: To keep us safe.
Evan: To keep us warm.
Clive: To keep the rain from falling on us. If we didn't have a roof, the rain would just fall right on us.
Emily: To help us grow strong and smart.
Makayah: To live a healthy life.
Lochlan: To grow bigger.
Makayah: To protect us from the sun or rain.
Evan: To keep us warm.
Zoey: To keep us warm.
Lochlan: To protect us.
Makayah: Because we want to be love.
Emily: Because it makes our heart happy.
Lochlan: We feel happy.
Makayah: He is always with us if we are scared.
Emily: He keeps us safe.
Clive: He created air and we need air to live.
Lochlan: If you are going somewhere and you are a little scared meeting new people Hashem helps us be brave.  And mitzvahs.

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