Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hello from Belize.
It has been raining all week, but the climate is tropical 
and much of the country is rainforest so we are not surprised!

Clive: The flag has two men on it under a tree.
Makayah: There is shade because there is a lot of trees. It's a rainforest.

Makayah: Lots of animals live there.
Lochlan: Jaguars live there, and it rains a lot. There are A LOT of birds.
Emily: Flowers, so many flowers.
Lochlan and Zoey were both enjoying the play dough.
Zoey had the frogs and Lochlan had the birds. Zoey asked Lochlan if they could trade, and he agreed- they both continued playing with big smiles.

Moshe: The howler monkey lives there!
Emily: One of the birds is the toucan.
Moshe was sitting at group time and he noticed a toucan on the cover of a book.
He collected all the toucans in the classroom,
Moshe: Threecan toucan!

Belize has been delightful. Next week we are off to Japan.

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