Friday, April 12, 2019

Passover is on it's way

We are learning about the empowering story of the Jewish slaves in Egypt becoming free.
The lives of the Jewish people were:
Lochlan: Not so easy.  They did not live happy lives.  
Evan: They were sad.
Clive: They felt bitter.
Moshe: They felt like giving up.
Morah Tzivie told us how Hashem did not want his people to be slaves. He told Moshe, who was a brave, kind and caring leader to go speak to Pharaoh have him let the Jews go.
Makayah: He said "Let them go".
Kids: Pharaoh said NO NO NO, I will not let them go.
Morah Tzivie: What happened?
Lochlan: The water turned to blood.
Morah Tzivie: They couldn't use their water!  Pharaoh said ok- Go! But then...
Annabel: He changed his mind.
Morah Tzivie: Moshe went back to Pharaoh and ask him to let his people go.  Hashem sent another consequence when Pharaoh said no.  This happened...
Kids: 10 times!
Morah Tzivie: Finally the Jewish people get to leave Egypt and be free!
We used art to depend our experience and understanding of the Passover story.
Morah Katie: What does the sand feel like?
Lochlan: Deserty. Egypt.
Morah Katie: Would you enjoy being out in the sand all day?
Lochlan: NO, it would be hard and hot.
Emily: I wouldn’t want to work in it all day long.
Moshe: It…feels…sandy.  
Morah Katie: Where did the Jewish people get the stuff to make the buildings and roads and pyramids for Pharaoh?
Makayah: They had to make it.
Morah Katie: How did they use the materials to create those big structures?
Emily: They didn’t have the stuff to carry the big boulders, they needed to use their hands and put stuff on their backs to carry stuff.
Morah Katie: How did the Jewish people feel when they were leaving Egypt?
Evan: Happy.
Emily: Good. He was a bad king.
Morah Katie: Please tell me what you know about Passover.
Lochlan: It's Pesach in Hebrew.
Makayah: We drink four cups of wine.
Lochlan: The Jews had to work for King Pharaoh and they never got to sleep or eat.
Moshe:  We only eat matzah, not challah for Passover.
Makayah: The Jewish people went away from King Pharaoh.
Moshe: We eat different foods.
Lochlan: Moshe tapped his stick on the sea and it split.
Morah Katie: You all know a lot.  What do you want to learn about Passover? About Pesach?
Lochlan: Where did the Jewish people go to?
Makayah: Why the food?
Lochlan: How long did they have to walk?
Morah Katie: These are great questions! We will discover the answers together. 

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