Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another week at our new school and a celebration of a new year!

Making challah last week:

A look at this week:
We have been enjoying a great week of school. We started on Monday with talking about apples and honey and how that represents a sweet new year! We also made "Shana Tova" cards that are being mailed to the Grandparents. On Tuesday we added our apple growth chart to the wall. Now we know how many apples tall each child is as well as their height in inches. On Wednesday we celebrated Jayden's 4th birthday, we went to an apple farm and tasted apples, pears and tomatoes and we heard the Rabbi blow the shofar and then everyone had a chance to try to blow the shofar! It was really a full day. On Thursday we were able to see an actual beekeepers outfit as we talked about how we get honey to eat with our apples. We also took a walk to the mailbox to mail our cards. And on Friday we will be having our first Shabbat celebration with music!

In the writing area this week we worked on our cards. In the math area we talked about our growth chart and also did apple math puzzles. We had our first sensory bucket activity for science, where we were able to play with water and water toys as we thought about tashlich. In the block area we built beehives and in the home living area we pretended to cook with apples.

Morah Amanda as a beekeeper
Mussie as a beekeeper with a bee!
A beehive built in the block area
Mailing the cards

Conversations from the week:
When we sat down for snack on Monday, we had a discussion about apples and honey. Here are a few of the conversations.

Morah: What do apples taste like?
Lizzy: Red, I like green apples.
Avery: I like orange apples.
Morah: What color are apples?
Miriam: I have seen purple apples.
Morah: Red, green.
Levi: I've seen blue apples.

Morah: Have you ever seen apples on a tree?
Mussie: I have.

Avery: I don't like honey.
Morah: You don't? What other fruits are sweet?
Pears, apples... What other foods are sweet?
What other foods are sweet? Are pickles sweet?
Everyone: Yeah!
Morah: Are candies sweet?
Everyone (very excited): Yeah!
After tasting the apple:

Lizzy: It's sour
Miriam: It's sweet
Morah: What does it taste like? Apples dipped in honey?
Lizzy: Sour.
Morah: What else tastes sour?
Miriam: Candy. At first it tastes sour.

Another conversation that was recorded was during our birthday celebration for Jayden. The children were asked what is special about Jayden. Here are their answers.

Lizzy: We like him and he's a good boy.
Mussie: He listens to the Morah.
Lizzy: He shares with us.
Miriam: I play with Jayden and he wants to play with me.
Josh: My big brother is Jayden.

A look at next week:
Next week we will be focusing on our next holiday, Yom Kippur. Our theme of Yom Kippur is going to be partnered with a look at friendship. We will be talking about our friends and what it means to be friends.

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