Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to Preschool at The Gan

A look at this week:

This first week of school was a short week, but a perfect week to have the children concentrate on the idea of coming to school. The children were given the opportunity to explore the classroom and spend time interacting with all their new friends. We talked about classroom rules, daily jobs, and how we treat our friends at school. We had an opportunity to build our own schools in the block area and pretend to prepare for school in the home living area. For math this week we have tried to focus on demonstrating our knowledge of numbers and in writing we have worked on our letter and sound knowledge. In the art area we have started the construction of our paper mailboxes that will make their appearance in the cubbies soon! The children will be able to use these mailboxes to send their school friends special pictures and notes. If a parent ever wants to add a note to their child’s mailbox they can do that as well. We will find a special time near the end of the week to go through our “mail.”

During our morning meeting time we started a discussion about mitzvahs. We are going to be sending home different templates for parents to use to send in mitzvah notes. The first template will be apples. These mitzvah notes will be shared with the class and then placed on our special mitzvah note display! We also have had the chance to read some stories about going to school, sing some songs, and learn about giving tzedakah. These activities will continue on a daily basis.

The children really enjoyed having a snack time and a lunch time with their friends! They also had lots of fun playing on the structure and riding the bikes and scooters during gross motor time.

Sticker art during exploration time.
Morning Meeting time.
Playing with letters.
Building a block school.

Gross Motor time on the playground!

Conversations from this week:
Just one this week since it was such a short week, but what a wonderful thing to hear from a child on the first day of school!
Miriam: I’m so happy to be in preschool. I am bored at home but at school I have friends.
Looking at next week:
Next week we will be focusing on Rosh Hashana. We will be using apples in a lot of our activities, even making applesauce one day!

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