Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It has been a very fruitful week at The Gan.
Our mitzvah tree has begun to bloom and produce fruit. It is so exciting to see the fruits of the children's kind and helpful acts appear on the tree, as well as bring smiles to the faces of their parents and friends. We have used our "helping hands" to create the leaves of the tree. We have talked about how our helping hands, and kind acts create the "fruit". Mitzvah after mitzvah are being made, and I have no doubt our tree will be plentiful with mitzvah fruit in no time.

Morah Katie: How can we grow more fruit for our tree?
Levi: Mitzvahs!
Morah Katie: What are some things we can do?
Kian: Help
Daniel: Tzedakah!
Morah Katie: We can use our hand prints to make the leaves of our tree, what are hands for?
Dena: Helping!
Morah Katie: How do our helping hands make for more fruit?
Levi: Helping is a mitzvah!

Our letter of the week was "b", we made banana's and balloons; and ate banana's, blueberries and biscuits for snack.

Sorting and patterning are important skills for preschool aged children.
These skills develops logical thinking. As the children recognize and create patterns they begin to see relationships and understand how things work.
The ability to see connections and make predictions are skills used in both math and writing/reading.

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