Monday, January 10, 2011

This week we began to learn about the parts of the tree.
We began talking about the roots:

Morah Katie: What part of the tree gathers the water from the ground?
Levi: The roots
Morah Katie:Where would we look to find the roots?
Dena: In the mud
Tori: Under the ground

We talked about the trunk of the tree, and how it supports the branches and leaves.

We used our handprints to create the protective bark on our tree.

We created branches on our tree and looked at the bare tree outside. We compared how the bare branches look like the roots, an upside down tree.

One of the benefits of having a mixed age classroom is the variety of ages and abilities. It is almost guaranteed that each child will have the opportunity to help another.
Daniel knows that Noam likes the numeral cards, Daniel is helping Noam learn "1".
The older children have opportunities to be leaders, and the younger children have role models to look up too. The children learn to work together forming a community, appreciating what they all have to offer.

The children are looking forward to Shabbat dinner with their preschool friends and families. We have been singing songs to share and creating keepsakes to keep after dinner.

Our letter of the week was “n”, we made Necklaces with Nine beads. It was an exciting discovery to realize we were creating Napkin rings for Shabbat dinner.

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and talk with you about your children. If we have not yet had an opportunity, I am happy to schedule a time to meet.

See you all tomorrow at 5:30!

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