Thursday, April 28, 2011

There has bee non-stop activity at The Gan!
It has been a great week back to school!
After greeting each other with much excitement and joy,
the children quickly became involved in the classroom activities.

Playtime was active and enjoyable.
There were squeals of delight as we entered our back yard and saw that the flower bulbs we had planted had opened up giving us a delightful gift!

And it turns out that all our seeds needed was the SUN!
We can see the tiny sprouting leaves and stems.
It appears the children have made that leap which happens in every class around spring, ideas and concepts begin to "click" and the children can't help but put their knowledge to use.
When the children choose the Movable Alphabet, it is important to straighten the letters.
Now that they are cleaned up, the children can begin to build words.

Numeral recognition and counting have made an impressive stride forward, which opens up the opportunity for addition, subtraction and multiplication in the coming weeks.

We will begin learning about the 5 Senses.
We are starting with Sight.
We use our eyes to see the world around us, and it is a colorful world.
The children are using their eyes to discover what occurs when they mix colors.
We made special glasses for an "I Spy" hunt in the classroom

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