Friday, May 13, 2011

play dough
baking soda

We experimented with vinegar and baking soda and discovered an exciting chemical reaction between the base and acid.
We smelled the vinegar.
Levi: It smells like dressing.
Morah Katie: Yes, we can make salad dressing using vinegar and other ingredients. What does it smell like?
Daniel: Yucky.
Morah Katie: Let's see what happens when we add the vinegar to the baking soda.
Lot's of squeals and laughter.
Morah Katie: What do we see?
Dena: Bubbles!
Kian: Wow! it's bubbling

Using strawberry scented play-dough, we created volcanoes.
Morah Katie: Let's experiment again, only this time, let's see what happens when we add a bit of water to the baking soda.
Daniel: Nothing! It's just water.
Morah Katie: What do we need to add to the baking soda to make the bubbling reaction happen?
Levi: Vinegar
Morah Katie: As soon as everyone has made their volcano, we can add the baking soda and vinegar and cause the volcano to erupt.
Noah: My lava is green.
Kian: I am naming mine Mt. Cherry Kian.

We are keeping count of the number of days until the holiday Shavuot, when the Jewish nation received the Torah.
Daniel and Levi worked together to create a drawing of Mt. Sinai.
We are counting flowers in order from 1-49.
We are marking the time to Shavuot by placing foot steps leaving from our pyramid in Egypt on our way to Mt. Sinai.
We are learning about why Hashem chose Mt. Sinai.
Mt. Sinai was chosen because he was humble.
What does it mean to be humble? We are humble when we use kind words, not bragging or boastful.
How can we speak like Mt. Sinai? How can we act like Mt. Sinai?

In anticipation of creating individual volcano, the following conversation occurred;
Noah enters the classroom.
Levi: NOAH! Come and I'll show you how to make a volcano so you are ready when we make our volcano's.
Noah: OK!
We are like Mt. Sinai when we play and create along side each other, appreciating each friends creativity.

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