Thursday, June 16, 2011

It is a pleasure to see the children self directed and motivated. It appears that they know exactly what they want to do each day. It is a joy to see them walk in with smiles and big hello's.

This week the children had two art projects.
One was very open and free form; squares of different colors, all cut to 1 1/2 inches. No direct directions, simply the materials.
The second craft was a self portrait. Using a mirror the children replicated themselves using the craft materials.

In the classroom it is common to hear a child saying to a friend, "I can help you", or likewise a child asking a friend for help versus asking a morah for help. These simple acts create confidence and a sense of belonging in the child helping, and builds camaraderie between the children involved.
Noam: (looking at Dena) Please help me.
(he hands her his applesauce)
Dena: OK, I can help you.
(she tries very hard to twist the cap)
Morah Katie can you help me help Noam?
Morah Katie: Yes, I can.
(I loosen it enough to allow Dena to open it)
Dena: Here Noam
Noam: Thank you

Each child has something to share and offer to another.

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