Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friendships are being made each day.
This is created by common interests and easy laughter.

We began to talk of letter of the week. This week it is "a": apple/alligator/astronaut
Each sound will have a craft to help the child have a concrete object to associate the sound with. The crafts will reinforce the phonetic lesson as well as the skills necessary to create a craft, following directions/cutting/gluing etc.
Morah Katie: Shalom, would you like to make an Alligator?
Shalom: Yes.
Morah Katie: What will you need to cut the parts for the alligator?
Shalom: Scissors.
Morah Katie: Would you like to choose your favorite pair of scissors?
(this provides an opportunity for choice and a lesson in how to safely carry scissors in the classroom)
Morah Katie: How will we attach the parts together?
Shalom: Glue, I will get it.

We are also beginning our Space exploration.
We will take on the role of astronomer and look to the sky to understand stars and the planets.
Morah Katie: What do astronomers do?
Kian: Look at stars.
Morah Katie: Can you be an astronomer?
Gracie: No.
Morah Katie: Can you look at the stars at night?
Tori: Yes.
Dena: Yes!
Morah Katie: Do astronomers use any special tools to look at the sky?
Tori: Telescopes.
Morah Katie: What other things do astronomers study?
Levi: Planets.
Morah Katie: We live on a planet. Which one?
Levi: Earth
Morah Katie: Earth is a planet in our solar system. What else is in our solar system?
Levi: Stars.
Morah Katie: What heats Earth?
Kian: The sun.
Morah Katie: The sun is a big star and it provides the earth with heat.

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