Friday, May 25, 2012

Hashem gave us a present
Do you know what it was?
He gave us the Torah to treasure and to love
We have been preparing for the holiday of Shavuot.
We have been counting down the days until we receive the Torah!
Morah Tzive:  What are some of the things the Torah teaches us?
Levi: Mitzvah's
Tori: The Holidays
Morah Tzive: Let's try to name 6 mitzvahs the Torah teaches us about.
Levi: To say blessings
Kian: To sing our  prayer songs
Dena: Help our friends
Tori: To do good things
Morah Tzivie:  What are some mitzvahs we do for the holidays?
Ben: Drink 4 cups of wine.
Kian: Counting to the holiday.
Morah Tzivie: These are all mitzvahs that the Torah teaches us.
We went on a field trip to shul to see a real Torah!

We know that Hashem gave us the very special present of the Torah because he wants us to be strong, proud and thoughtful.

Morah Tzive: Hashem wanted to give the Torah to the Jewish people somewhere very special. 
He chose a mountain. A mountain is strong, proud, just like how Hashem wants his people to be.
The mountains heard this and they began to argue, and brag and boast among themselves.
Do you know what it means to brag and boast?
Noah: No
Morah Tzivie: It means to speak about yourself in a way that could make others feel bad or sad about themselves, like My picture is better than your picture! We know that those things are not kind.
Levi: Kids usually never boast here.
Morah Tzivie: Kids here are thoughtful and kind. And there was one mountain  who decided not to brag or boast, but to be kind and thoughtful and humble.  Hashem said, Look at that mountain, I will choose that one for the Torah. It was Mt. Sinai!
We listened as Morah Tzivie read us the story about the boastful mountains and humble Mt. Sinai.
We are creating a group art project for our Shavuot celebration.
Morah Katie: What did the mountains begin to do when they heard Hashem would give the Torah on one of them?
Kian: They started to be mean to each other.
Noah: They were bragging about how cool and good they were.
Levi: All of them said they were the coolest and best mountain.
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem give the Torah on Mt. Sinai?
Tori: Because He was being kind and nice and quiet.
Scout: I am putting snowballs all over the snow moutain.
Levi: The mountain I made was the soft mountain, that's why there are pompoms on it. Felt is soft too.
Kian: Mine was the waterfall, see the water on the mountain falling.

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