Friday, May 11, 2012

Reptiles are our vertebrate of the week.
Reptiles have backbones, smooth scaly skin, and they lay eggs.
Reptiles move slowly when it's cold and are more active when it's warm.

Snakes slithered around the classroom
When the "snakes" were told the sun was setting, the snakes would slow down.
When the "snakes" were told the sun was heating up, the snakes would become much more active.

Chameleon's are reptiles.
We learned that they have eyes that can look in different directions AT THE SAME TIME!
We know that chameleon's do not look at something and then change their skin to match.
We know that chameleon's can change their color based on the light, or temperature.

Chameleon's hiding among the classroom
We learned that chameleons can let other chameleons and animals know when they are angry by CHANGING THEIR COLOR!
Morah Katie: If you were a chameleon, what color would you change your skin too if you were angry?
Tori: Pink and Purple.
Kian: Red, blue, white.
Levi: Brownish green.
Morah Katie: But we are not chameleons. What can we do if we need to let someone know we are hungry?
Kian: I would tell them I didn't like it, and to please not do it again.
Dena: Ask them to stop and and do something else.
Levi: Walk away.

Morah Katie: Shalom is the chameleon of the day..
Kids: NO!
Morah Katie: No? Are you sure? She has a backbone, why isn't she a chameleon? 
Levi: She has legs.
Morah Katie: So do chameleons.
Ben: She doesn't have scaly skin.
Morah Katie: OK, I agree. I'm still not convinced Shalom is not a chameleon.
Shalom: I don't lay eggs! 
Morah Katie: True, I guess you are all right, clearly Shalom is not a chameleon! What is she?
Gracie: A girl!


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