Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Sukkah Time! 
We read a Sukkot story and examined the big sukkah.
Morah Katie:  Look around and tell me what you see.
Kian: It has 4 walls.
Morah Katie: It does. Does it have a ceiling?
Josiah: No, it doesn't.
Morah Katie: What does it have?
Kian: A schach.
Morah Katie: Tell me what else you see?
Dena: It  doesn't have a floor, it's just the earth.

Morah Katie: What do you think we can build with these pipes.
Aaron: A sukkah.
Josiah: We can build a sukkah. 
Gracie: We will make a sukkah in our playground?
Morah Katie: Let's see if we can build one.
                      Why do we need 4 walls, what does it remind us of?
Josiah: That G-d is everywhere.

 Work began.

 The frame was built.

 We began to create decorations for our sukkah.
Despite the blustery wind, 
we hung our decorations and cloth walls.

We enjoyed our day at Little Gnome Farm. 
Josiah: Hey they have a sukkah!
Dena: Look at the stuff from the top.
Tori: They decorated it.

Noah: It's a lulav.
Josiah: And an etrog.
We enjoyed seeing the different plants, and picking our tomato snacks.  


Back to the sukkah to enjoy our snacks

And there were pumpkins too!

We ended our day with more snack, but not for us- for the chickens and ducks!

Morah Katie: Why do we shake the lulav and etrog, why do we say the blessing in all directions?
Josiah: To know the G-d's all around us.

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