Thursday, October 18, 2012

We all have a special place in the world.

We have a place in the universe,
Morah Katie: Anton, what did you draw?
Anton: The Universe.

Morah Katie: Our place in space, our planet is called what?
Scout: It is Earth.

  Invite your child to sing for you:
North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Af ri ca!
Don't forget Australia, Don't forget Antarctica
North America South America, Europe, Asia and Af ri ca!
Morah Katie; Our planet in space is Earth, our piece of land on Earth is...
Dena: North America.

Morah Katie: North America is made up of different countries. What is the name of our country? Our place on North America?
Kian: The .... UnitedStatesOfAmerica. That is a long name.
Morah Katie: Our special place in the United States of America is called?
Kian/Josiah/Noah/Dena/Tori: WASHINGTON
Morah Katie: Who can tell me the name of our very special city?
Josiah: Vancouver Washington

Just as the children have discovered that they live in a special place, they see that all of  Earth is made up of many different types of special places.

Morah Katie: What is a habitat?
Dena: It is a special place where animals live.
Morah Katie: What does a habitat have to have so the animals and plant life that live there can survive and be successful?
Aaron: Food.
Dena:  Water.
Tori: A place to care for their young.
Efraim: Air
Morah Katie: The last one is a big word, we all have it. Think about what keeps you safe from the hot hot sun, the chilly wet rain, the icy cold snow. 
Dena: House.
Morah Katie: A house would keep us safe from the weather. Where would an animal go to keep safe from the weather or other animals?
Josiah: A Cave.
Morah Katie: A cave could keep an animal safe, we call these places shelter.

We will learning about 4 specific habitats over the next few weeks.

We will begin with the tropical rain forest.
We know that it is very green, and wet, and full of animal and plant life.

We are creating a mini rain forest model in our classroom.
Morah Katie: How many layers will we need to create?
Kids: 4!
Morah Katie: The tallest layer is called the 
Josiah: Emergence layer
Morah Katie: What is the next layer?
Kian: The Can? Canopy!!
Morah Katie: What is under the canopy?
Tori: The mossy forest floor.
Dena: The Understory
 We currently have a mossy forest floor and the beginning of our emergent layer.  We will add to our classroom rain forest in the coming days creating a model dense green habitat.

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