Friday, April 5, 2013

We began a discussion of living vs. non- living.
Morah Katie: How can we tell if something is living?
Noah: It eats
Aaron: It moves.
Dena: It grows
Morah Katie: Yes, and it can make more of itself, it can reproduce.
Is this plant living?
Tori: Yes.
Katie: How can you be sure?
Gracie: It  grows.
Efraim: It makes more.
Morah Katie: Does it eat?
Kids: No yes Yes no.
Morah Katie: It does eat, it gets it's nutrients from the soil and the sun. 
We classified a few objects by living vs non-living: apple/ plant/ plate/ plant/ Dena/chair
We determined that the apple, plate and chair do not eat, grow Or make baby apples, plates or chairs.
We sorted the 2 plants and Dena under living, as they do eat and grow and when Dena is very very very very very very much older and married she could have a baby.
We extended this game by labeling items in the classroom. 
With a clear understanding of what makes something living, we are taking a closer look plants. 
Morah Katie: What can we do to take care of this living plant? 
Noah: Water it.
Dena: Water it everyday.
Morah Katie: Is a tree a plant? 
Efraim: Yes!
Morah Katie: Are flowers plants?
Anton: Yes. 
What do we need to care for the flowers in our yards or gardens?
Dena: Water them!
Morah Katie: Who can name the parts of the flower for me? 
Aaron: Roots.
Morah Katie: Where would we find roots?
Scout: In the ground.
Morah Katie: What is another part of the plant?
Tori: Stem.
Abigail: Leaf
Tori: Flower petals.
Just as we got very busy learning and playing as we re-entered the classroom after our Passover break, we also began to count down to our next holiday.
Morah Tzivie: What special present does Hashem give the Jewish people?
Dena: The Torah.
Morah Tzivie: Yes.  49 days from when the Jews left Egypt, something really exciting happened.
The Torah has all the mitzvahs we do in it, helping others, giving Tzedakah, celebrating the holidays.
Just like you count down to something really exciting (like your birthday) the Jewish people counted down to when Hashem would give them the Torah, the really special present.
We are going to count down also. We will fill each square on the chart for each of the 49 days until Shavout.
We are looking forward to learning why we are creating flowers to fill in the empty squares.

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