Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just another active engaging week at The Gan filled with
and creating.
 Just another week that is.......... until the Passover Seder tastings!!
We began with dipping celery in salty water.
Why do we dip our vegetables in salty water?
Kian: The tears.
Noah: The Jewish slaves worked so hard.
Efraim: So sad.
 We compared fluffy rolls to crunchy matzah.
When asked if they would prefer the simple snack of matzah or a snack of fluffy bread with sweet fruit, they all said the fluffy bread and fruit, and not to surprisingly they did say they would eat the matzah too.
Why do we eat matzah?
Josiah: The Jewish slaves didn't have time to make anything else.
Gracie: To remember we are free.
We helped Morah Tzivie make charoset. We ground the nuts while she shredded the apples.
Why do we dip our food twice at the Seder?
Kian: The salt is the tears.
Dena: The colors remind us of the heavy blocks they had to use to build.
We tried Bitter Maror.
Tori: We eat maror because their lives were sad.
Our eyes began to water as Morah Tzivie peeled and shredded the maror.
We did have a few requests for seconds.
Why do we recline in our chairs with pillows?
Gracie: BEcause we are Free!
We cleaned our classroom of Chametz, leavened products, since we only use Matzah on Passover
 No more play dough until after Passover!

And then there were the worms....
It was the first day of spring Wednesday. The weather provided us with rain, wind, sunshine, and worms!
 The joy in the discovery and exploration lead to some creative writing about what it would be like if we were the worms!

Have a Joyful Passover

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